chimney waterproofing kirklandOne of the best ways to protect your chimney from harsh weather and keep it in good working order is through chimney waterproofing. It’s an often-overlooked aspect of chimney upkeep, but understanding why it matters so much helps you make it a priority. Here’s what you need to know. 

Improve the Appearance of Your Chimney

The surface of chimney bricks and mortar offers plenty of little crevices and irregular pockets for mold and mildew to grow and thrive. The effects of unchecked mold and mildew include not only unattractive growths on your chimney but deterioration of bricks and cracks in the mortar.

Keep Cracks Away

Just a little water can be devastating when it freezes and forces bricks apart, and then thaws, leaving damaged areas exposed and vulnerable to more harmful freezing and thawing of water. The cycle continues, increasing in speed and intensity with each freeze and thaw.

Your Chimney Will Last Longer

When your chimney has been treated with waterproofing, you have less constant deterioration to worry about. With this treatment, and regular maintenance, it’s less likely that you’ll need to have your chimney repaired or rebuilt. 

Do You Need Chimney Waterproofing in Kirkland?

At A-Clean Chimney & Contracting, we’re committed to providing residential and commercial customers with outstanding service. Our teams are experienced and highly trained on all kinds of chimneys, including wood fireplaces and chimneys, oil furnace chimneys, lined/unlined insert cleaning and creosote removal. We also provide installation, repair and home contracting services at reasonable pricing, so you can count on us for years of quality work for every chimney need you could have, including remodeling or rebuilding your fireplace as part of a home improvement project. For your free chimney waterproofing estimate, contact us today.

Effective Chimney Waterproofing for Peace of Mind in Kirkland

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Posted on July 18, 2023 

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