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There’s nothing quite like a warm, toasty fire at home, especially when it’s cold out. However, as you use your fireplace, it’s imperative it’s kept clean. From wood-burning to pellet to gas fireplaces, A-Clean offers a full range of professional chimney cleaning services to cover every home, keeping your fireplace running safe and sound year round. While we work, we place a priority on keeping the rest of your home clean while we’re working by wearing protective gear throughout the process. We work hard to make the job worry-free and mess-free for you and your family

What kind of fireplace do you have?

Full-Service Chimney and Fireplace Cleaning

A-Clean offers a full range of professional, comprehensive chimney cleaning services to cover every home, keeping your fireplace running safe and sound year round.

Wood Burning Fireplace & Chimney Cleaning

When cleaning a wood burning fireplace we first lay out a protective sheet over any surrounding flooring that could potentially get soot on it. We clean from the inside of the home, and with shop-vac vacuums and brushes, clean from the bottom of the fireplace to the flue tile.

Oil Furnace Cleaning

An oil furnace chimney can clog overtime, becoming a hazard in your home. We recommend you get them cleaned following the same recommendation we offer for wood burning fireplaces and lined/unlined cleanings. While we do clean and can inspect oil furnaces, please note that we do not service oil furnaces; please reach out to the service contact for your furnace.

Lined/Unlined Insert Cleaning

Similar to your standard wood burning fireplace cleaning, we recommend the same cleaning time frame for lined or unlined inserts. Our prices of the two different cleanings vary, so please call our office to further discuss your inquiries or schedule an estimate today. We professionally recommend a lining be installed on every fireplace for the safety and health of you and your home. If you need installation services, A-Clean has your back. Just give us a call and we’ll inspect your fireplace and walk you through what’s needed.

Creosote Cleaning

Creosote can be very hazardous if not cleaned. Creosote buildup increases when the air supply is restricted in the chimney, unseasoned wood is used to make a fire, or when the chimney temperature is cooler than normal. Too much creosote buildup can cause low burning fires that can can go undetected, easily spreading to a full house fire. With our two-day cleaning process we apply a creosote cleaner and on day two, remove all the build up, making your home safe again.

Customers first. Always.

At A-Clean, you’re part of the family. We treat your home like our own: with respect and an understanding of the care it needs to keep your family warm and safe. From the first estimate all the way through job completion, we take great care in providing superior service and cleanliness.

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