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Fireplace Repair
Chimney Repair

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Maintaining the integrity of your chimney and fireplace keeps you safe while helping your home looking great, preserving your homes value. Whether it’s water damage, loose bricks, cracked crowns—you name it, we’ll fix it. The best part? A-Clean is proud to offer in-house contracting, placing the repairs your home needs in the team you trust the most.

Our Fireplace & Chimney Repair Services

Fireplace Repair

Any repairs that are needed for the fireplace could include a faulty damper,
loose firebrick, or anything that causes smoke enter back into the home. We like to schedule estimates so that our crew can get a hands-on look at exactly what your fireplace needs to get back in working order.

Chimney Repair

Chimney repairs could include water damage, loose bricks, or cracked crowns. Our crew will come out and get on top of the roof for every inspection, and provide you with a free estimate of any work we see needs to be done.

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We make the process easy. Just find a service area near you and give us a call to schedule a free estimate.

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