Oil-Furnace Chimney Cleaning mercer islandWhile most people readily recognize that a fireplace chimney needs regular cleaning, you may not realize that oil-furnace chimney cleaning is just as important. Learn more about the dangers of chimneys in poor condition and the benefits that cleaning services deliver.

Clogged Chimneys Are a Fire & Health Hazard

Buildup of soot narrows the available space in your chimney and is a fire hazard. In addition, those gasses need to go somewhere, and if they can’t go up the chimney, they could back up into your home, where excess carbon monoxide can not only make you ill but be life-threatening.

Clean Chimneys Lower Energy Costs

A clean chimney allows for easy exiting of gasses from your furnace. Since your furnace won’t have to work so hard, it requires less energy to operate and therefore lower utility costs. 

Soot Damages Chimney Linings

If you want your chimney to last, keeping it free of soot goes a long way. Soot eats through linings because of the sulfur in it and can affect the overall stability and effectiveness of your chimney and therefore your furnace, too.

Need Oil-Furnace Chimney Cleaning in the Mercer Island Area?

At A-Clean Chimney & Contracting, we’re committed to providing residential and commercial customers with outstanding service. Our teams are experienced and highly trained on all kinds of chimneys, including wood fireplaces and chimneys, oil furnace chimneys, lined/unlined insert cleaning and creosote removal. We also provide installation, repair and home contracting services at reasonable pricing, so you can count on us for years of quality work for every chimney need, including remodeling or rebuilding your fireplace as part of a home improvement project. For your free estimate for oil-furnace chimney cleaning, contact us today.

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