chimney maintenance shorelineChimney maintenance is a key part of keeping yours in good working order, safe to use, and lasting for years to come. If you’re not familiar with acid washing to remove soot and buildup, learn the benefits here on how it can improve the longevity of your chimney and ensure optimal performance. 

Improved Air Flow

The specially prepared acid solution used by a chimney technician loosens and removes the impurities that become layered inside your chimney over time. That increases the area over which air can move through your chimney without being slowed down and boosts air flow. 

Greater Efficiency

A clean chimney is an efficient chimney. The strength of acid washing ensures a highly effective result, restoring the inside of your chimney to a clean state. You’ll enjoy improved warmth in your home and more reliable fires in your fireplace.

Reduced Fire Hazard

As the buildup of creosote, soot and other substances inside your chimney grows, so does the risk of fire in your home. With acid washing, you can feel confident that there’s no missed spot and lingering risk.

Need Chimney Maintenance in Shoreline?

Trust our skilled chimney maintenance professionals to provide a comprehensive acid wash that revives your chimney’s performance and improves its safety. A-Clean Chimney & Contracting is proud to be your local residential and commercial chimney team with years of experience and quality training for your peace of mind. Our technicians are prompt, reliable and dedicated to serving you with friendliness and professionalism every step of the way. Our services include installation and repair of fireplace chimneys and oil furnace chimneys. We also offer lined/unlined insert cleaning, creosote removal and remodel and rebuild fireplaces. For a free estimate of our pricing for your chimney needs, contact us today.

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Posted on February 28, 2024 

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